Bent Silver

Meet Jhi

Artistic Designer and Creator Jhi creates works of art, different and unique types of wearable history from vintage and antique cutlery and coins. All pieces Jhi creates are manufactured solely by him and to the highest quality possible with comfort being the upmost importance.

Jhi creates special pieces catering to your needs, jewellery stands and shop displays can be custom made to order.

Let him create something for you with your cutlery too. Have an idea you’d like to fruit but don’t know how? Have a special spoon your grandmother used to use when she was a child? Why not be able to wear your special memory with a quality that can’t be missed!

Contact Jhi today to see what can be made especially for you!

Other Projects

Jhi is currently creating and building a shed house out in the hills of the picturesque Mary Valley in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Using recycled building materials to repurpose.
He also manufactures his own handmade pieces of art for his own business and is building his own house.